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Birthdate:Jan 19
i like transformers, gameing, drawing, SCIENCE, fanfiction, manga, icecream, milk chocolate and sleeping. I used to be a national level fencer... but i haven't fenced since the begining of 2009.... damn you uni, damn you for eating my life
i studied japanese for 8 years and was fairly fluent but, due to lack of practice, my vocabulary has been shot to the pit *sadface*. i can still hold a fairly decent conversation though, just as long as you dont mind sitting there for a few seconds while im trying to work out what the heck that weird word was in context to the rest of the sentence....
im trying to change my university degree from engineering to science, mainly because science is more fun :D
i dont like crowds...
Anyways, hello from down here in ausie-land
<3 laura

born 19/1/91

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